Client Testimonials

“Lynn’s one to one yoga session was such a treat. She was able to help me closely observe my errors within my practice which Lynn helped me to rectify. Not only was I likely to cause myself an injury, but having the one to one, meant I prevented an injury through incorrect practice. We smiled both inside and out rebalancing more than just my body.”

Julie S, One-to-one Yoga

“With her reflexology treatments Lynn creates a lovely space for me to deeply relax and feel nurtured. I’m very grounded after the sessions and appreciate the way Lynn pays attention to breath work and self-care strategies.”

Emily, Reflexology

“I can’t tell you how much better I feel after just a couple of months of doing yoga. It’s such an amazing transformation and so many less pain killers”

Kay, One-to-one Yoga

“I’ve been working with Lynn for a few weeks and in that time we’ve been working on a range of issues around stress and relaxation as well as improving my flexibility.

Lynn has significant insight and her reflections are spot on. She takes time to check in and to understand where I’m at, adapting our session accordingly. She is present and very much there for me during the time we have together. It never feels rushed, always relaxed.

Lynn has a lovely way of relating, calm, gentle but informative. Her yoga nidra and breathing exercises are so helpful.

I have the sense that Lynn lives as she teaches. I think her approach to yoga is a bit different to other teachers who are more formulaic. She is more adaptive and less focused on getting me to put my left leg round my right ear and more focused on getting me to attend to my breathing.

I am on a journey with Lynn and look forward to greater improvements. “

Paula, One-to-one Yoga

“Lynn is a caring and gentle person who puts me as ease and enables me to fully immerse in the reflexology experience. She has great knowledge and discusses any potential issues with me with great clarity. I cannot thank Lynn enough as she not only treats my feet but also my soul. Thank you. “

Julie S, Reflexology

“Reflexology sessions with Lynn provide some calm and self focus time. I started sessions in response to some health issues, which had no medical diagnosis. The sessions developed my self awareness, without the need to seek a solution.  Also had the added bonus of guaranteeing me a great nights sleep! “

Mandy, Reflexology

“I joined Lynn’s outside yoga sessions in the summer on The Byes, she created a lovely supportive group feeling, incorporating varying levels of ability and experience with ease and confidence that was both challenging and relaxing at the same time.  Lynn is an experienced dedicated teacher of yoga with a fantastic academic knowledge base to support her teaching for each individual, I would highly recommend her to you.”

Sylvia, Classes

“I have thoroughly enjoyed Lynn’s small and personal pregnancy yoga group. It was such a lovely opportunity to slowdown and connect with baby. The classes have given me helpful tools to relax, relieve aches and pains as well as feel more confident about final stages of pregnancy and birth. It’s clear she has a wealth of knowledge and was always happy to answer questions. I look forward to the next block of classes. I wish I had attended during my first pregnancy!”

Julie B, Pregnancy Yoga

“I have found the sessions with Lynn very beneficial and I feel much more relaxed in my pregnancy.

I didn’t realise that something as simple as learning new breathing techniques could make me feel so relaxed.

Lynn is very reassuring and the yoga nidra and meditations have been really lovely. 

I’m looking forward to my next session.

I feel very comforted with Lynn being an experienced midwife and a health and well-being coach, I’m very grateful that I found her.

Overall it has been a very worthwhile  investment to help me to relax during my pregnancy and connecting with my baby.

I’m also feeling more positive about the birth after our discussions.”

Jennie, One-to-one Yoga

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