Isn’t all yoga therapeutic?

All yoga has the potential to be therapeutic and deeply healing but yoga therapy applies the numerous yoga tools to specific health conditions in a more individualized session. These tools include breathwork, physical movement through stretches and postures, meditation, relaxation and gentle bodywork (assisted gentle stretches).

How does it differ from a yoga class?

Yoga therapists have a postgraduate qualification in holistic yoga therapy so have studied the yogic tools and their application in more depth. Most yoga therapy session are one to one in person and start with a more detailed assessment of individual’s health and wellbeing. Yoga therapy can also be practiced in small groups on specific conditions.

Yoga classes are generally in larger groups, where all specific needs are difficult to cater for. Unless you attend a yoga class specifically for your condition the practice will be general in nature to help cater for the majority. Yoga therapy sessions are designed around your individual needs to enable you to achieve your own health and well being goals. The Yoga therapist empowers you to take more control of your own wellbeing and ability to heal yourself.

Many health conditions are either caused or made worse by the stress we encounter in our lives. Yoga therapy takes a holistic approach to looking at these stresses and how to manage your response to them. Specific yogic tools help to switch on your own rest and digest response, the parasympathetic nervous system and counter your flight and flight response to stressors, the sympathetic nervous system.

What can Yoga therapy offer you?

Most people are aware how beneficial yoga is for both your physical and emotional well being but can be put off by the images seen everywhere about yoga. The images generally show a thin, tanned, beautiful, super flexible body on exotic beaches in an extraordinary posture. None of these things are important to practice yoga.

Yoga therapy does not focus just on the physicality of yoga but goes back to the ancient goal of yoga. This is the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind through breathing techniques, meditation and movement of the body to stretch out tense/stiff muscles.

When you invest in a yoga therapy session with me, I spend time really understanding what you want to achieve. I will come to your home so you can practice in your own environment. We will develop a tool box of yoga practices to achieve your specific goals. Why not book a FREE 30min consultation to discuss what you are looking to achieve with your health and wellbeing. I am offering 10% off your first one to one session with me in February 2023.

Time to invest in you.

“Lynn has significant insight and her reflections are spot on. She takes time to check in and to understand where I’m at, adapting our session accordingly. She is present and very much there for me during the time we have together. It never feels rushed, always relaxed.”

Paula, One to one yoga therapy session